Air dryer

Single lane or multi-lane automatic air knife drying systems for bottles, cans and pouches.


  • Dry and remove moisture from the surface of the containers before ink coding, labelling or case packing
  • Removing excess of water after autoclave retort sterilization
  • Enables the surface to be dry and clean for effective labelling or ink printing
  • High performance drying to improve your labelling and packing results
  • Quick and easy format changeovers
  • Easy access with large opening doors
  • Low noise emissions


  • Single lane or multi-lane drying systems for PET/glass bottles, cans, jars and pouches
  • Orientable air knives blower : top, product sides and from below the product
  • Efficient blower producing 500km/h air flow
  • Adjustable side guides and air knives blowing head
  • Acoustical enclosure in compliance with EU directives
  • Automatic discharge of water and residues
  • Low maintenance

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