Lane divider

Patented lane diverter system to distribute high speed and non-stop flows of containers into multiple outfeed lanes


  • Lane distribution without reducing the speed and the flow of containers
  • Lane divider sorter from 1 or 2 infeed lanes to 12 outfeed lanes
  • High speed lane divider machine
  • Reliable handling with optimum product care
  • System allows multi-format containers
  • Perfect infeed system for filler, shrink wrapper, case packer or palletizing robot
  • Plug and Forget system (Low maintenance required)


  • High speed lane divider conveyor : chain speed travels up to 7800m/hour maximum
  • All types of bottles or containers shapes and sizes, including lightweight products
  • Fast and simple format changeover
  • Brushless motors enabling high-precision
  • Reduced noise system
  • Patented machine

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