Sterilization conveyor

For retort room automation
Autoclave loading and unloading systems for stacked trays and baskets in automated batch retort systems


  • Retort conveyor handling systems for automatic and semi-automatic loading and unloading stackable trays and baskets in the autoclave
  • Long-lasting equipment
  • Safe plug & play equipment
  • Low maintenance with easy and reliable mechanics


  • Robust retort handling systems adapted to your input and output flows : tray or basket size, line speed, type of sterilizer…
  • Stainless steel twin-chain or triple-chain conveyors
  • Stainless steel chain turntable conveyor
  • Transfer shuttle car for baskets and stacked trays
  • Specific module for automatic and semi-automatic retort loading and unloading systems (Lagarde, Steritech, Steriflow, Stork…)

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