Robotic Palletizer / Depalletizer

Robotic palletizing systems for containers, tin cans, bags, wrapped bottles and cardboard cases


  • Palletizing a row of products or a full layer is possible with the use of our preparation tables.
  • Single and multiple lane infeed possible
  • Multipurpose handling tool : containers, interlayers and pallet grips on the same tool
  • Various solutions depending on the speed of the line.
  •  Reliable end-of-line automation equipments : pallet conveyors, strech wrapper, shuttles…


  • Palletizer that can deal with several product foramts: cans, bottles, packs, cartons and cases.
  • Multiple and complex palletizing patterns can be managed
  • Wide range of palletizing robots brands on offer : KUKA, FANUC and ABB
  • End-of-arm : shovel, grip, magnet or vaccum system
  • Integrated interlayer and empty pallet magazines
  • Safety guards to protect the working space.
  • Reduced power requirements, low noise emissions, minimum footprint. User-friendly interface

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