Ejector / Sorter

Vision inspection and rejection systems for containers that do not comply with expectations


  • Container vision inspection and faulty container sorting systems :
    • Filling level inspection
    • Bottle label position verification
    • Container closure presence inspection (lid, cap or cork)
  • Faulty containers sorter onto a separate rejection conveyor or in a bin without stopping the line
  • Reliable handling with optimum product care
  • Easy to integrate onto existing conveyor lines
  • Can also be used to divide products into several lanes


  • Equipment range of container rejection systems :
    • JETRONIC : pusher driven by a brushless electric motor
    • PNEUTRONIC : pneumatic pusher sorter
  • Rejection system for PET/glass bottles, cans and other containers with different shapes and formats
  • Speed up to 120 000 products / hour
  • Plug-and-play system
  • Reduced Maintenance and reduced power requirements
  • Compact design

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