Automated multi-pack packaging unit

Robotic case packing unit designed to load multi-flavor products into the same cardboard box


  • Pre-packed product of different flavors, shapes, colors.
  • Robotic mixing and loading system into cases
  • High-speed pick and place / Robotic top loading unit
  • Customizable robotic case packing systems allowing unlimited flexibility within the format range
  • Fully automatic solutions with conveyors and infeed tables
  • High-reliable multipacking solutions


  • Wide range of products size and types : bottles, jars, cans, plastic containers, cups, cartons, pouches, bags…
  • Types of secondary packaging : trays, wrapped cases, display trays, four glued corner cases, corrugated boxes….
  • Wide range of delta robots can be used: KUKA, FANUC, ABB or standard robotic arms.
  • Multifunctional robotic tool
  • Safety guards to protect the working space.

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