Emboxing / Deboxing / Transfer robotic unit

Sparkling wine bottle cage loading and unloading from the cellar cages to the riddling cages  


  • Robotic handling unit for sparkling wine bottling, disgorging and labelling purposes
  • Glass bottle loading and unloading into stillages (metal cage or wooden pallet containers) for storage in the cellars.
  • Bottle transfer between wooden/metal storage cages (13 12 12 13 bottle layers) to the riddling box (11 10 11 10 bottle layers)
  • High speed bottle emboxing and unboxing solutions
  • Maintain wine quality


  • Speed from 3 000 to 22 000 BpH
  • Type of glass bottle : standard 75cl bottle, 37,5cl bottle, magnum  and special format bottles
  • Wide range of palletizing robots brands on offer : KUKA, FANUC and ABB
  • Robotic tool handling 1 to 6 rows at the same time
  • Horizontal or upright bottle cage loading and unloading
  • Safety guards to protect the working space.Reduced power requirements, low noise emissions, minimum footprint
  • Userfriendly interface

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